I’m sorry everyone to ask again

Hello Vallejo family, As I previously posted I have been out of work again for over a week due to panic and anxiety this time it just hit me for no reason and the anxiety has not gone away completely. It’s been nine days that I have not really been able to sit still . […]

Update Your App

If your app doesn’t work at all then delete it and reinstall it! This release fixes the background audio. You can hear the scanner when you leave the app. It also shows the playing info on the lock screen and has other updates to the colors and functionality. Don’t like it? Kiss my. kidding email […]

Hello Vallejo

I apologize for the lack of updates for about a week now. I again was out with my debilitating panic/anxiety attack disorder because i have brain damage like you all already know 🙂 I am feeling a bit better and can sit still today so I am getting ready to update the app with a […]


The police state there is a sideshow at Meadows and Sandpiper dr in Rancho Vallejo.

Pharmacy robber caught (on video)

This guy was caught running out of the store after attempting to rob the pharmacy and we heard hit the female pharmacist. This happened at the Safeway on Admiral Callaghan Lane

New ValleyJoe Clothing

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5:45PM Sonoma and Kentucky St A person was shot in the stomach. we do not know their condition. We are told Sonoma is blocked off in this area.