8:40PM @ 750 Sereno – female was shot at by a silver vehicle while driving – her tire(s) were shot out – she drove on flat(s) to get away from the area. No reports of injuries.

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Vehicle Theft

3 men are in the lot breaking in to cars at Second Chance Cars on Broadway. The two men are running from the police now and jumping fences by medic ambulance at couch and Broadway. UPDATE: VPD arrested both in front of Medic Ambulance.

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Last nights police chase

We have confirmed through more than one source that the vehicle last night doing donuts was not being chased by the police when they crashed. This information was originally given to us by a bystander when we arrived. The police were in the area and seen the car doing the donuts but did not pursue […]

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Car crash kills 2

UPDATE 2: It has been confirmed that the police were not chasing this car.They seen it doing donuts and did not pursue it. The car then sped off thinking it was about to be chased and lost control and crashed in to a tree 🙁 UPDATE: we are told the blue Infinity sedan seen driving […]

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No more Police Press Releases

Has anyone else noticed that this year the VPD PIO Brittany Jackson has stopped reporting the major crimes happening in town? She use to do press releases but this appears to be over. What is going on? Why is VPD going back to disconnecting from their community? How do we just delete them all and […]

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Stabbing (neck)

Rodeway Inn – Someone in a nearby room heard fighting and then seen blood everywhere and heard people stating that someone was stabbed in the neck and another person was bit by a dog. Victim is alive but in critical condition.

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